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A new era of living

Villa ÉPOQUE, the highlight of a luxury real estate development defining a new standard of living in the 21st century, is now ready to welcome its residents.

On Prague's Bertramka, right across from the famous Winternitz villa, the recently built Villa ÉPOQUE stands as a symbol of elegance and luxury. 

Its unique architecture, beautiful garden and landscaping by the famous Atelier Flera and impeccable interiors designed by Poliform, the legendary Italian design brand, set a new standard for exclusive residential living. 

Where others end, Villa ÉPOQUE is just beginning.

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Among the famous Villas, close to the city centre

Villa ÉPOQUE will decorate Prague's residential district of Malvazinky, whose history dates back to the Baroque era. Surrounding estates such as Bertramka or Cihlářka have always been surrounded by extensive vineyards, but today villas from the First Republic predominate in this area. Among the most important of these are the Winternitz Villa by architects Adolf Loos and Karel Lhota and the Pick House by architect Ernest Weisner. Both villas can be found in close proximity to Villa ÉPOQUE, which, like other famous houses in the neighbourhood, will be naturally set in a beautiful garden and will provide beautiful views of the Prague skyline.

The coexistence of first-class functionality, sophisticated design and the high lifestyle demands of the future residents have shaped the character of Villa ÉPOQUE. Here you will find selected materials of the highest quality as well as technologies that push the boundaries in the residential segment to a new level.

Luxury, as we perceive it in living, means above all a generous space for your life, your children, your interests and also for things at a level that represents your style and quality of life. Just as there is Haute Cuisine in dining, Haute Couture in dressing, Villa ÉPOQUE represents Haute Design in architecture.

5 originals

  • grand

    grand epoque Show apartment details
    grand epoque

    Every floor is original, especially the last floor of the villa offers an impressive apartment, which is unique in Prague. In addition to generous Poliform-designed living rooms, the apartment offers a stunning rooftop pool with a glass bottom. This technological diamond is set in a beautiful roof garden designed by the famous garden architect Ferdinand Leffler. Relax and enjoy the panoramic views of beautiful Prague. Let us introduce GRAND ÉPOQUE, a treasure among apartments.

    layout: 4+kk
    area of the apartment: 148 m2
    terraces: 70 m2

    roof terrace: 68 m2
    roof garden: 68 m2
    swimming pool: 16 m2
    private garage for 3 cars

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  • haute

    haute epoque Show apartment details
    haute epoque

    The apartment on the penultimate fourth floor is aptly named HAUTE ÉPOQUE. This gem offers both breathtaking views of the Prague skyline and a generous private terrace facing the garden. The apartment's superior 184 m2 of usable space offers a generously proportioned 4-bedroom layout with a large living room and three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets by legendary Italian Poliform.

    layout: 4+kk
    area of the apartment: 184 m2
    terrace: 25 m2
    elevated plantings: 10 m2
    private garage for 3 cars

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  • fleur

    fleur epoque Show apartment details
    fleur epoque

    If you dream of an apartment with its own garden, where the scent of Provence will remind you of roses and lavender, then FLEUR ÉPOQUE is the one. This is one of the largest residences in Villa ÉPOQUE, offering an impressive 208 m2 of usable space, which houses four bedrooms and a huge living room with a dining room and kitchen. The private garden is of course designed by our court garden architect Ferdinand Leffler. The complete storage system, closets and kitchen are designed by designers from Poliform Italy. The apartment comes with 3 parking spaces in a lockable garage with a hobby room.

    layout: 5+kk
    area of the apartment: 208 m2
    terrace with garden: 141 m2
    private garage for 3 cars

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  • belle | reserved

    belle epoque Show apartment details
    belle epoque

    The BELLE ÉPOQUE apartment, with its 216 m2 of floor space, is the largest of the five residences of our Villa. Here you will find a generous layout with four bedrooms and private patios full of greenery. The interior of this apartment has been designed with a great deal of privacy in mind. Most bedrooms have their own walk-in closet, en-suite bathroom, or study. The interior is dominated by large windows, an intelligent control system and storage spaces designed by the Italian company Poliform.

    layout: 5+kk
    area of the apartment: 216 m2
    terraces: 58 m2
    elevated plantings: 27 m2
    private garage for 3 cars

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  • deco

    deco epoque Show apartment details
    deco epoque

    The unmistakable almost decadent character of this apartment shaped its name. DECO ÉPOQUE will delight not only with its own private garden designed by the renowned Ferdinand Leffler. A direct entrance also connects you to your private garage with a club room.

    layout: 3+kk
    area of the apartment: 103 m2
    terrace with garden: 86 m2
    private garage for 2 cars

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